Friday, November 11, 2011

Rounding Decimals to the nearest place value.

Use a Calculator to change each fraction to a decimal number then round it to the place value indicated.

__ = 0.4 Because 11 divided by 25=0.44 and you have to round it to the nearest tenth so the 4
beside the the four in the tenths spots tells the four in the tenth tenths spot to stay
25 the same.

If you have a number 4 or less it tells the number to stay if it is 5 or up it moves up one.

171 0 in the thousandths
___ =0.611 This time we are rounding it to thousandths. So 171 divided by 280 is 0.6107142 .
7 tells the zero to kove up one

43 (1 in hundreths)
__ =0.72 This time we are rounding to the hundreths place value. This=0.71666666666. The 6
tells the one to move up one.

__ = o.061 (Thousandths) This =0.0607028. 7 tells the 0 to move up one cause the 0 is in the
313 thousandths place so it is a one not a zero.

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