Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Question #9 from Chapter 4 Review

The cost of a backpack is 60% of the cost of a shirt.

a) If the shirt costs $32.60, how much does the backpack cost?


1.Change the percent to a decimal.

2.Multiply it to how much the shirt cost.

3.You get the answer.

.60 x $32.60

Answer is of how much the backpack cost: $19.56

b)What is the total price of a backpack and shirt before tax?


1.Add the answer from how much the backpack cost from Question A with how much the shirt cost.

$19.56 + $32.60 = $52.16

Answer is: $52.16

A video about turning percents to decimal:

A link about it click here

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  1. Great job Bethel! I like how you explained how you got the answer, it was easy for me to understand. I also liked your video it helped me a lot!