Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Text book review test.. number #4

Review number 4#
How I did it?

I found the percent by using a ratio table
it very easy to use!

1st Ill give example on letter b)
If you see the sigh that has a percent on it like this % you always put 100 there cause a Percent always out of 100!!

so put100 there then I divide it by 2 do get to the number (50)

then I divide by 2 again to make it 25...

25 is the number we need! So 25%

2. If you see the other side of the ratio table you will see a sign that says number like this #
hat I did on the other side ( percent%) do it the same way in the number sign

ratio tabel: percent sign I divide all that 2 the number we need is 25%
divide two like what we did on the percent sign but its the Number sign!
so use the number 84 that says 25% of 84
then divide 2 it makes 42 then divide 2 again an it'l make 21 so you got the percent (25) and got your number (21)

and equals to 25% of 21!!!

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