Friday, February 10, 2012

Subtracting Fraction

First of all you check if the denominators are like denominators meaning the denominators are the same. You want the denominators the same so it is easier to add or in this case subtract.

The method to get like denominators is L.C.M ( Lowest Common multiple)

For Example pretend we are subtracting this number 6/7 - 1/2=

To find the L.C.M you do all the multiples of 7 and 2 like this

2,4,6,8,10,12,14: 14 is the 7th multiple
7,14: 14 is the 2nd multiple

Do all the multiples until both match, here 14 is where multiples of 2 and 7 match.

Now we convert the fractions, what ever you do to the bottom you do to the top
Here is how you convert it.

After you do L.C.M you can now subtract the question with without even to thinking much.
All you have to do is subtract the fractions, also when you subtract the fractions you don't change the denominator its is just the numerator that changes when you subtract or add.

12/14 - 7/14 = 5/14

With this question you can't put it to lowest term because this is the lowest is gets you can't get any lower term that is equivalent to 5/14.

Tip: Remember to Almost Take your time don't want to mess up.
Tip#2: Remember to always put your answer to lowest term if possible.



  1. I like how you explained a lot, it really helped me! I also like your picture

  2. Great job, Gerard! This is very understandable. I like how you gave us a lot of different stuff and not just a normal post. Again, great job!