Sunday, February 12, 2012

Number of The Day: Question 12.

Divide the number of the day by 3.55 and round to the nearest hundredth.
*As an example, we'll use the number 2364.578*

1 - Divide the number of the day by 3.55 (2364.578
2 - We only need to know the whole number (666) and the tenths, hundredths and thousandths (0.078). So that leaves us with the number 666.078.
3 - The question states we have to then round to the nearest hundredth, which in this case, is the 7. To determine if it will stay as 7 or go onto 8, we need to use the next place value beside it (the thousandths). If the number that determines whether you round up or down is between 0-4, you round down. If the number is between 5-9, you round up. Since the thousandths place has an 8, we'll round the hundredth up. We end up with 666.08.
4 - We've done all the steps so the answer to this would be 666.08.


  1. Woah! Good Job mikaela Love how you explained it and very easy to understand but next time put spaces in between them so they are not squished together..

  2. thanks for posting this, it really helped alot

  3. this helped me alot in my understanding, well done!