Monday, February 13, 2012

this is how to add MIXED NUMBERS NUMBERS WITH UNLIKE DENOMENATERS STEP 1 1 2/3 + 5 2/6 that is the question step2 take care of the whole numbers FIRST find the comon denominater thats step3 3,6.9,12,18
6,12,18,24, now that the denomenaters or the same now it'stime to find out what the value of the numorater is. 2/3 X3=3/6. 3/6 +2/6= 1 now add them all together

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  1. Spell correctly and label correctly. You're supposed to label your name, as in this case your label should be jdylan. Also, don't rush your work, from the way you represented your example, it looks like you rushed. Make a picture to make it more clear.