Thursday, February 9, 2012

How to order fraction shapes from least to greatest

Well to make it easier here are the steps:

1) Count the shaded parts of the whole.
2)Make it into a fraction with the numerator and the denominator.
3)Convert the fractions to decimals by dividing the numerator to the denominator.
4)You get a decimal.
5)Now you can order the shapes from least to greatest.

A video about ordering fraction shapes:


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  2. Great Job Bethel! I really like how you used creative colors and how you explained it one by one. Also, thank you for posting a video with your explanation. It sure did refresh my memory.

  3. Great job Bethel! I like how its so creative and at the same time I learned something!

  4. The steps you put together were simple, so for me to understand it was very easy.
    You also made a nice detailed picture and showed us a nice explanatory video.
    I don't think any part of your post was difficult. Good job!