Thursday, February 9, 2012

February 8, 2012 Lesson

The definitions learned today...

Variable -A letter that represents an unknown number.
e.g. A,D,M,Z,R

Expression -Any single number or variable, or combination of operations... (-, +, x, /) involving numbers and variables.
e.g. 5, n, 8t, x+1, 2y, -7
1+1=2 -Equation not expression

Value - A known or calculated amount

Constant -A number that does not change and it increases or decreases the value of the expression

Numerical Coefficient -A number that multiples the variable (or a number in front of a variable)
e.g. 2t
(2 being the numerical coefficent and 't' being the variable)


  1. Good job Eula! I liked how you put color on the words so we know which ones.

  2. I like how you putted each word on different colours. The word really stands out and i like how they are not squished together!