Thursday, February 9, 2012

Different kinds of Fractions

There are 3 different kinds of fractions.

1. Proper -Where the top number (numerator) is less than the bottom number (denominator).
e.g. 4/7, 1/2, 9/15

2. Improper -Where the top number greater than the bottom number.
e.g. 6/3, 12/7, 4/3

3. Mixed -When there is a whole number with a proper fraction.
e.g. 1 and 1/2, 3 and 4/7, 5 and 8/12

Here's a video explaining Fractions!:
(It is kind of long so you may want to skip some parts that you don't need)


  1. Great job Eula! I like how you explain different fraction!

  2. Good job Eula! I like the how you explained the different kinds of fraction. I also like your video it helped me.

  3. Thanks for this Eula! This could help out anyone who doesn't already know. I like how you described each kind of fraction & it shows you put some effort into it.

  4. Excellent job, Eula! Your explaining helped me become better in fractions.

  5. Great job Eula! Your post was very helpful! I really like how you used different colors to represent words. Also, thank you for including a video to your post, it made it more interesting.

  6. Good Job! But next time you try and put a picture about improper and proper fraction. The picture always grabs the attention of a reader.
    But other then that it's Really Good.