Monday, December 5, 2011

Text book page 214-216


Write each addition statement shown by pattern blocks. Estimate then add.

How to find answer: You look at the shape and see how much make up the whole. eg if I had a square and 4 pieces make up the whole 4 would be your whole. Then you look at how much are shaded in. Look at the other shape and see how much is shaded in. Next you make a fraction. The denominator would be the number of the whole and the numerator would be how much is shaded. You should have 2 fractions. Add the both of the fractions numerators. Don't add the denominators. Once you added both numerators the denominator should be the same. Now you got your answer.


  1. Good job Cheryl! I really like your illustration, and your well done explanation!

  2. Good job on explaining this question ccheryl!
    I found your choice of words very easy to understand.
    It even helped me to further understand this kind of question.