Monday, October 31, 2011

Order Of Operations

How to answer today's equation:

Step 1: Look for brackets. Answer them first, then re-write the question. For this question there are no brackets.
Step 2: Look for exponents. Answer them second, then re-write the question again. In this question doesn't have exponents.
Step 3: Look for division or multiplication from left to right. Answer them third. For this question you'll have to answer 4x3=12 first then re-write everything on another line and answer 12÷2=6.
Step 4: Look for addition or subtraction from left to right. Answer them last. For this question you'll have to answer 12+6=18.
Step 5: When you get the answer write it down on a new line and draw a square around it.

Here's a fun site, click here.

^Here's a helpful video to teach you more about BEDMAS.


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