Monday, October 31, 2011

Order of Operations.

How to answer today's BEDMAS question step by step:
1. Do the Brackets - There are no brackets.
2. Do the Exponents - There are no exponents.
3. Do the Division - There is division [12÷2=6]. Underneath, rewrite 4x3+6.
4. Do the Multiplication - There is multiplication [4x3=12]. Underneath, rewrite 12+6.
5. Do the Addition and/or Subtraction [#6] - There is no addition or subtraction in today's BEDMAS question but, you would solve the first operation that comes first, left to right [example: 4+3-6x2. You would do addition first since it shows up first].
7. Add up the remaining numbers since there is nothing else to solve. Cube/square your answer [18].
Note: For Division and Multiplication you would do the first operation that shows up, just like Addition and Subtraction. Example: 2x3+6÷4. You would first solve the multiplication since it shows up first [left to right].

Check out this site on how to perform the Order of Operations/solve BEDMAS questions with easy to understand instructions and practice.

^ Here's a video that also teaches you how to use the Order of Operations/solve BEDMAS questions. ^

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